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    Patrick Windley attended one of the country's most prestigious universities prior to his successful career in product management. He met a diverse group of colleagues who shared his goals and learned from some of the greatest academics in the country. He was able to identify a mentor who could point him in the correct way and help him acquire the internships he needed to break into this area. Patrick Windley also spent numerous hours researching to ensure that he was up to date on all of the information taught in class. He learned the value of not procrastinating, asking for help when needed, and remaining current on the latest breakthroughs in the profession while he was there.


    Patrick Windley went to work for one of the local industrial hubs after finishing college. He had the opportunity to work alongside experienced product management specialists. He believed it was critical to get in the trenches and learn about product lifecycles in the real world. This allowed him to apply what he learnt in the classroom to his field. He might observe multiple lifecycles, gain an understanding of some of the industry's most pressing issues, and learn from others how to address them. He also worked hard to stay current on the latest research and knowledge in his profession, knowing that this would place him in the best possible position to succeed.


    Patrick Windley then got a job learning the fundamentals of launching a new product. He recognizes that client expectations are higher today than they have ever been, and that introducing a new product entails numerous hurdles. He collaborated with a group of bright individuals to bring successful items to market, keeping track of not only the research process but also the results. He learned the value of key performance indicators and how to apply the data from those measures to not only the product's launch but also market adjustments when the public gets their hands on it for the first time.

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